Hi, I’m Simran. I am a professional hair stylist and make up artist. From a young age, my interest in hair styling and make-up artistry had been evident. I was lucky to realize my passion so early on and I became obsessed with creating looks that I had seen in magazines on my family and friends. After 12 years of fun, I completed a short course with two of the British Asian industry’s leading hair stylists and make- up artists, Jawaad Ashraf and Saira Hussain, to enhance my skills and gratify a wider client base. Since then, I have worked with a range of clients from beautiful brides to high end fashion shows collaborating with many talented fellow artists, designers and photographers such as Manish Malhotra, Guess Philippines, Elite Model Management Manila, O’nitaa Fashion and Black Tie Project to name a few.

Balancing my attention to detail with my creativity enables me to give my clients more than they request. Challenging them and presenting them with different ideas creates a friendly and open atmosphere. This helps to build a stronger connection with my clients allowing us to push the boundaries of our creativity together and produce more original pieces. This has enabled me to grow as an artist and I now have a worldwide client base mainly through word-of-mouth recommendations, highlighting client satisfaction.

I offer a tailored service to my clients ranging from special occasions to editorial pieces, taking ideas and visions and bringing them to reality. I am able to naturally enhance an individual’s features and bring out their confidence leaving each and every client feeling beautifully unique.